Shakey’s Pizza Parlor returned to Hawaii on February 24 after a 30-year absence. The iconic brand known as the “gathering place” by generations of families, is making its comeback on Oahu, the island coincidentally referred to by locals as the “Gathering Place.”

“It’s meant to be,” says Shakey’s newest franchise operator, Brad Vanderman. “Even though it’s been 30 years since Shakey’s has operated on the island, people still have incredibly fond memories of the brand. Before we even opened customers, as well as the local news media, have been anxiously anticipating our grand opening.”

The first of three Shakey’s Pizza Parlors scheduled to open on the Island over the next few years, the Waipahu Town Center location will follow the newly revitalized Shakey’s model, occupying approximately 5,600 square feet with dedicated party room and ample seating to accommodate family dining, group gatherings, and team celebrations.

Consistent with Shakey’s system, the menu will feature the brand’s classic thin crust pizza, crispy fried chicken, and famous Mojo Potatoes along with exciting specialty pizzas such as the Texas BBQ Chicken, Rustic Garlic Chicken, Firehouse, and the new Big Island BBQ pizza. Guests can also enjoy sweet and spicy chicken wings with savory dipping sauces from Budweiser and Dr. Pepper along with a wide variety of popular beers on tap.

When it first emerged on the island in 1964, Shakey’s was a social gathering place where friends and families would get together for hot pizza, cold beer, and sing-along ragtime music. The new Oahu restaurant will embrace the original Shakey’s spirit with a modern spin – including interactive game room, multiple big screen TV’s, classic American music, and familiar pop-culture memorabilia. The brand’s return to the Aloha State is indicative of Shakey’s new found renaissance and successful transformation from that of a nostalgic brand to a relevant and profitable restaurant chain experiencing exponential growth – even during challenging economic times.

“It’s simple. We’ve gone back to our roots with a modern twist,” notes Joe Remsa, Shakey’s chief visionary, president, and CEO. “Without question we still cater to families, teams, and groups. However, taking a page from the original Shakey’s playbook, we’ve restored the original “Ye Public House” feel with sports-oriented entertainment that also resonates with a more adult guest. During a time when people want nothing more than to connect with family, friends, and community, Shakey’s revitalized environment serves up multiple experiences all within one restaurant, so everyone can have fun.”

Over the years Shakey’s has served as the backdrop to celebrate life’s milestones and create fond memories – which have become permanently etched in the hearts and minds of multiple generations.

“Everybody has a story, a memory or a special feeling about Shakey’s. By bringing Shakey’s back to Hawaii, we have an opportunity to preserve a bit of that heritage and invite a new generation of customers to make memories of their own,” Vanderman says.

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