Industry News | December 8, 2005

Shmonster Breakfast Sandwiches Now Available at Sheetz

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Sheetz–the stores that bring you Shmuffins, Shmiscuits and Shmagels–introduces the Shmonster, a breakfast sandwich with double egg, double meat and double cheese.

“This is not a breakfast sandwich for the faint of heart – we named it ‘Shmonster’ for a reason,” Louie Sheetz, executive vice president of marketing, Sheetz, Inc., says in a press release. “This is a big sandwich that our customers tell us they want, loaded with double everything. So for those times when you want to sink your teeth into a monster of a breakfast sandwich, The Shmonster has arrived.”

The Shmonster is available now at all 319 Sheetz locations. It joins other favorite Sheetz breakfast sandwiches, such as the Shmuffin, Shmiscuit and Shmagel, along with delicious meltz and bunz. And don’t forget a fresh, hot cup of Sheetz Bros. Coffeez to round out breakfast.