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    Shoes for Crews Offers Shoes to Those Impacted by California's Wild Fires

  • Industry News November 1, 2007
    Shoes For Crews has joined with other corporate citizens to help Southern California families and businesses recover from the devastation left from area wildfires that have destroyed thousands of homes and scorched a reported 5,000 square miles. Shoes For Crews encourages other businesses operating in the Southern California area to help out where they can.

    Shoes for Crews sales team members have been directedto reach out to corporate account holders in the affected areas and offer immediate assistance. “At this point we do not know if making contact with customers and their employees in need will be easy," says Shoes For Crews® President, Matthew K. Smith “I have been able to reach some offices and we can try contacting by email where phone lines are down.”

    After reaching a corporate account’s office, the offer to provide free shoes is made and the information on sizes and quantity will be collected. Shoes For Crews is offering free shoes to corporate account employees that lost their homes or possessions as a result of the fires and are in need of footwear.

    As with other disaster relief efforts Shoes For Crews has been a part of, Smith recognizes this is not an overnight job, and will continue to reach out to customers in the region as they begin to rebuild.