Washington, D.C. fast casual Shouk launched the Breakfast Pita, a groundbreaking new menu item on Monday. Shouk continues to innovate in this space by creating delicious, fast food that tastes like breakfast without the crutch of animal or soy products. The new Shouk breakfast pita can be made gluten free as well. Anyone who has tried a plant based diet knows a good hearty breakfast is the hardest thing to come by, and when available often comes in the form of oatmeal or tofu scramble.

The veggie “omelet” is a mix of chickpea flour, mushroom, asparagus, potato, and onion that’s fried up on the griddle as an egg would be. The pita is layered with crushed avocado and a chopped salad of roasted red pepper, tomato, cucumber, onion, and arugula.

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