SICOM unveiled the new Encounter Tablet, part of the SICOM Encounter Omni-Channel Point of Sale Platform. The Encounter Tablet improves speed of service at quick service restaurants by bringing the point of sale out from behind the counter to customers in line, both inside the restaurant and in the drive thru.

The new Android-based tablet connects to the SICOM Point of Sale network for line busting at the front counter and the drive thru. With the tablet in hand, restaurant crews can alleviate bottlenecks, improve speed of service and increase throughput to the kitchen.

As part of the SICOM Encounter Point of Sale Platform, the Encounter Tablet comes equipped with features for the specific needs of quick service restaurants, including suggestive selling functionality, LTO capabilities, an intuitive interface, real-time data insights and a secure hybrid-cloud structure for maximum security and PCI compliance.

“Quick service restaurants are always looking for ways to improve speed of service,” says Jim Flynn, CEO of SICOM, “and this new tool will help shave time off that critical metric. By supporting faster operations and cutting down on customer wait time, The Encounter Tablet contributes to the ultimate goal: giving every guest a great experience, every time.”

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