Industry News | April 25, 2014

Sightly Helps Franchises Localize National Ads

Modern marketing for national limited-service restaurants involves a deeper, more localized connection with consumers, and one company is making it easier for franchised brands to target the individual through video ads. Sightly, a video advertising technology company, unveiled its latest advertising platform, TargetView, which allows clients to integrate geographic-specific information with national ads.

“Sightly is a video advertising technology company that was launched to address a vision we had that eventually every commercial you watch will be created for just you,” says CEO John McIntyre. “Launching this platform is the first step to making that vision a reality.”

As a Google Partner and YouTube Certified company, Sightly's TargetView allows its clients to automate customized video ads across a variety of channels online, through mobile apps, and social media. McIntyre says TargetView is especially ideal for franchised brands, where local operators can take corporate’s video ads and customize them with an address, map, coupons, deals, and more.

“Franchisees always want to know, ‘How is national advertising helping me?’” he says. “This type of technology allows the franchisor to control the brand and build brand awareness while, at the same time, you’re able to target people around the stores on a local level.”

Franchisees can also see how many individuals in their area watched and interacted with the ad, McIntyre says.

Video advertising, in particular, is less informed by classic consumer demographics, he adds, and the needs to understand consumer behavior is driving a change in marketing—more brands rely on targeting would-be patrons and shoppers in the moment they are making a decision to purchase.

“Because consumers are proactively interacting with their technological devices, with content, and with apps, we can use what we call local big data, the information about consumers we have on a scale like never before, and it’s growing exponentially,” McIntyre says.

He says that personalized content is proven to boost response rates by as much as 200 percent. Sightly’s clients, several of which include ad agencies serving restaurant brands, pay a percentage of a total national media buy to the technology company, making pricing transparent, McIntyre adds.

“We believe that capability enables a national brand to have a local presence,” he says. “Eventually, as the industry and technology matures, this can change national advertising.”

By Tamara Omazic


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