Signature Systems, Inc. (SSI), an acclaimed technology solutions provider that excels in point-of-sale solutions for F&B and retail entities of all concepts and sizes, announced the release of “PDQ Third Party Fulfillment (3PF),” a cutting-edge, innovative, agile, and cost-effective solution that measurably enhances the guest experience, significantly reduces labor costs as it relates to delivery, ensures the lowest third party delivery rates, and automates delivery dispatch. 

By realizing the inherent issues that owners/operators face while managing ‘off-prem’ delivery– especially as it relates to 3rd party costs, internal staffing, and ensuring guest satisfaction–the innovative, multi award-winning, in-house development team at SSI created a new industry standard, one that will allow for seamless, on-time delivery by harnessing 3rd party staffing whenever needed. 

“Fully outsourcing delivery is an expensive proposition given the fee structure you’re compelled to pay– not to mention the potential harm to your reputation when things go wrong,” exclaims John White, EVP/CTO for Signature Systems. “But utilizing all in-house drivers may leave you high and dry when you don’t have enough staff or, conversely, your cost-effectiveness will wane when you have too many drivers during periods of slowness. Our 3PF solution resolves those issues by allowing for programmatic “bid-out ” via industry titans such as Uber Eats and DoorDash.” 

“PDQ 3PF” also allows for expansion of delivery areas and volume; single-fee order stacking; real-time tracking with ETAs, conventional and autopilot-driven driver dispatch; and enhanced reporting and data analytics. 

“PDQ 3PF” is available with PDQ POS, the top rated point of sale system for F&B, or standalone, in concert with an other provider’s POS system.