Sip & Dip LLC is a disposable cup lid with attached compartments that hold your dipping sauces. Our lid is multi-patented for 1 to 4 dipping sauce holders in various shapes and sizes. 

“Our idea is unique because there is no other lid on the market, which tackles this predicament,” says Nicole Macari, Owner at Sip & Dip LLC. “Other sauce holders on the market require the consumer to bring the product themselves and are a, “one size fits all” model. Our patented product is distinctive because it is a disposable lid, custom made to size, for each food vendor, which holds dipping sauces that will be given to the consumer when purchasing their food from the establishment” 

Features and benefits of product include: 

  • Customizable lid to fit any cup and dipping sauce size 

  • Disposable lid that attaches to a drinking cup 

  • If the market moves from plastic lids towards a biodegradable material, we can easily adapt 

  • Makes eating “on-the-go” easy and mess free (i.e., car, stadium, amusement park, movie theater, etc.)