SiteZeus announced a new relationship with iconic restaurant brand Roy Rogers. The Western-themed chain has selected SiteZeus and its Prescriptive-Led Growth (PLG) powered solutions to support the company’s expansion throughout the MidAtlantic and Northeast.

Originally founded in 1968, Frederick, Maryland-based Roy Rogers currently has 48 corporate and franchise restaurants in six states. As Roy Rogers prepares to launch an aggressive new franchise expansion initiative, the company has been investing heavily in its human and technology resources. Aligning with SiteZeus is a critical component of that mission, explained Executive Vice President Jeremy Biser.

“We have been putting many new pieces in place to improve our model and create a more appealing and rewarding business opportunity,” says Biser. “By providing our franchise partners with a more robust site selection and analysis tool, we’re giving them the best possible opportunity to succeed in bringing Roy Rogers back to markets eager for our return and introducing our brand to new markets throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.”

“We are incredibly excited to play a role in the next chapter of expansion for Roy Rogers,” adds Keenan Baldwin, co-founder at SiteZeus. “This is a brand that recognizes PLG as the future of making scientific location-based decisions that provide an edge in today’s highly competitive marketplace.”

Biser also noted that the ability to “test drive” SiteZeus’ solutions with a proof of concept was key to its decision. The SiteZeus proof of concept inputs client performance data to build a dynamic model that can run actual scenarios. How many stores can I open in a market? Why do two stores that look exactly the same on paper perform very differently? Clients can see the model in action—with their own data—even before they commit.

“Having the opportunity to see our actual information processed through SiteZeus in a test run was very helpful toward understanding how it will enhance our site-evaluation process,” says Biser. “Now that we’ve signed on to use it, we are eager to put SiteZeus to work helping the Roy Rogers brand grow substantially throughout the East.”

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