Slim Chickens, the fast-casual restaurant best known for its southern-influenced wings and tenders, is officially kicking off summer with the introduction of its Loaded Fries with Chicken Bacon Ranch. 

The limited-time offer (LTO) features Slim Chickens’ perfectly seasoned fries, which are dressed with fresh, hand-breaded tenders and crispy bacon before being drizzled with house-made Ranch Sauce and topped with shredded cheese and sliced jalapenos. 

“Slim Chickens is obviously known for its chicken, but we’re always excited to offer something new and different to our guests,” says Chief Marketing Officer Chris Allison. “Our Loaded Fries are a delicious, comfort food favorite that can serve as an entree or as a shareable Southern side.” 

The Loaded Fries will be available in regular and large sizes at your local Slim Chickens. “They’re loaded,” the brand proclaims, “so grab a fork and dive in.” 

The Loaded Fries with Chicken Bacon Ranch aren’t the only LTOs hitting the Slims menu this summer. For a limited time, Slim Chickens will be offering its Strawberry Jar Dessert, Raspberry Lemonade and a new premium Strawberry Mini Chocolate Chip Shake made with NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Morsels. It doesn’t get much more summertime than that! 

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