Slim Chickens announced a significant milestone in its international expansion. BRG with Foodelity Group has signed a 20-location development plan in Germany. 

Spearheading Slims into Germany, Foodelity Group is a sub-franchisee of Boparan Restaurant Group which currently operates 51 stores across the UK and Turkey, with its latest opening in Bromley. The established multi-unit operator has several international franchises under its portfolio and plans to continue its expansion with Slim Chickens.

“We are really pleased to be working with Foodelity Group,” says Satnam Leihal, CEO of BRG. “Over the past several months, we have developed a deep partnership, and we look forward to supporting the growth of the Slim Chickens brand across Germany.” 

The better-chicken brand has opened more than 265 locations across the United States, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. With more than 1,100 locations in development, the brand’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

“I’m excited to be bringing fresh, delicious chicken to Berlin and beyond,” says Max Beautler, CEO of the Foodelity Group. “I have been thoroughly impressed with the food quality, standards, and service that Slim Chickens UK delivers day in and day out. It’s a brand I love, and our team has been training in the UK for months to ensure that we can offer chicken lovers in Berlin the same fresh, delicious experience. We look forward to opening our first site soon.” 

The brand prides itself on its cooked-to-order fresh food and strong devoted fanbase, also known as “Slimthusiasts.” Slim Chickens has distinguished itself in the “better-chicken” segment by offering high-quality food and 17 house-made dipping sauces, allowing customers to enjoy a different flavor profile with each visit. Its menu is broader than many in the segment, offering chicken tenders, fresh salads, sandwiches, chicken and waffles, chicken wings, and unique side items. Fans also resonate with the Southern contemporary look and feel, as well as the open and inviting layout of Slim Chickens restaurants, which speak to the hospitality mindset that anchors the brand. 

“We have developed a great partnership with Boparan Restaurant Group collaborating with our knowledge, capabilities, and support that now enables Slim Chickens to initiate a relationship with Foodelity,” says Sam Rothschild, COO of Slim Chickens. “We are thrilled to introduce Slims quality food and hospitality that will drive Slim Chickens as an exceptional fast-casual chicken brand across Germany and beyond.” 

Slim Chickens has experienced a 70 percent restaurant growth over the last three years, equaling over 265 opened locations today. Over the last five years, Slim Chickens has experienced substantial development growth, with over 1,100 signed agreements in the pipeline. Slim Chickens is targeting several national markets including Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts as well as overseas in Europe, the GCC, Asia, and beyond.”  

The Slim Chickens franchise opportunity differentiates itself with prime markets available for multi-unit development, a passionate leadership team and world-class franchisee support system. As Slim Chickens expands, it is awarding franchise opportunities to qualified, experienced, and passionate multi-unit groups looking to add a dynamic segment to their portfolio. 

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