Smart Flour Foods, the maker of gluten-free bread products and desserts, will showcase its offerings at the 2014 National Restaurant Association Show, held May 17–20 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

At booth 3691, Smart Flour Foods will provide samples of pizza crusts, blondies, and brownies, and hold cooking demonstrations. Smart Flour Foods’ chef Kent Booth will be baking pizzas topped with a variety of fresh ingredients, demonstrating to restaurant buyers that Smart Flour Foods crusts create delicious options for the gluten-free customer and beyond. During the morning hours of the show, Kent will also be cooking pancakes using the company’s proprietary pancake mix.

Smart Flour Foods’ products are based on its proprietary flour blend made with three ancient grains: sorghum, amaranth, and teff. This blend lets Smart Flour Foods offer gluten-free products that are better-tasting and more nutritious than the more common formulations that feature rice or potato flour. The Smart Flour blend has an enhanced nutritional profile, including more minerals, vitamins, and fiber, because of its use of ancient grains.

President and CEO Charlie Pace says that the passion of his company is to provide better-tasting and more nutritious gluten-free products.

“Being gluten intolerant myself, I know how hard it can be to find great-tasting, gluten-free options. By using ancient grains, Smart Flour Foods gives restaurateurs the opportunity to offer a superior gluten-free offering to their customers,” Pace says.

Smart Flour Foods gluten-free pizza crusts and other products can be found at hundreds of restaurant locations around the country. “Our pizza crusts and desserts have been a great asset to our customers like Mellow Mushroom and Pie 5, and our pancakes take us beyond lunch and dinner. Providing great-tasting, gluten-free breakfast options is another way that we can help restaurants grow their gluten-free menus, attract a wider customer base and grow their business," Pace adds.

The National Restaurant Association show in Chicago represents an excellent opportunity for Smart Flour Foods to showcase its delicious, gluten-free, award-winning bread products, desserts, and pancake mixes, to a wide variety of potential restaurant customers.

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