Curbit, a technology company specializing in AI-driven dynamic order throttling for restaurants, joined forces with Smashburger, a leading national fast-casual restaurant chain. After an initial test period in 60 locations, Curbit rolled out its software in 129 Smashburger locations nationwide on Oct. 16. Curbit’s innovative technology optimizes Smashburger’s kitchen operations, enhances the guest experience and drives revenue growth.

Curbit’s revolutionary solution addresses restaurants’ long-standing challenge – synchronizing online order “promise times” with real-time kitchen capacity. Curbit dynamically adjusts order promise times through continuous real-time analysis based on actual kitchen capabilities. This pioneering approach minimizes guest wait times and maximizes kitchen output without overburdening kitchen teams.

An integral feature of Curbit’s offering is its seamless integration with Kitchen Display Systems and Online Ordering Systems, forming a closed loop between the ordering and fulfillment process. Utilizing advanced AI, these real-time integrations facilitate dynamic order throttling, kitchen intelligence, and automated guest communication, narrowing the gap between estimated and actual ticket times.

“With digital ordering, you have one opportunity to impress a first-time guest and very little room for error with returning guests,” says Senior Director of Digital Engagement Veronica Luna of Jollibee Group North America, Smashburger’s Parent Company. “Curbit has exceeded our expectations by ensuring a reliable and transparent pickup experience for Smashburger guests. After witnessing the impressive results in our test markets, the decision to implement the Curbit system across all company-owned locations was a straightforward one.”

The initial rollout was conducted across 60 Smashburger restaurants and included a comprehensive A/B test, with 30 locations equipped with Curbit’s dynamic throttling and guest communication solution. The remaining locations continued with their traditional operations. Performance metrics such as speed of service, repeat rates, and guest sentiment were evaluated at all the locations. The outcomes were overwhelmingly positive, leading to the decision to implement the solution across all 129 locations nationwide. The results included: 

  • 84% Improvement in Time to Pickup (TTP): This significant enhancement led to fresher food, reduced wait times, and decreased remade orders due to quality issues.
  • 22% Increase in Repeat Rate: Restaurants adopting Curbit’s technology experienced a 22% surge in order frequency over 90 days, indicating a heightened attraction to the seamless and dependable ordering process.
  • 11% Improvement in Google Review Ratings: The integration of Curbit positively impacted customer perceptions, resulting in a notable 11% increase in Google review ratings for participating restaurants.

“Curbit’s collaboration with Smashburger and Jollibee Food Corp. stands as a prime illustration of a technology-driven brand dedicated to embracing digital transformation, and it has clearly yielded the benefits of AI-driven kitchen intelligence,” states Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer Scott Siegel of Curbit. “We are elated to provide a solution that optimizes operations and substantially elevates customer satisfaction without the need for any capital expenditure.”

The success of the case study demonstrates Curbit’s commitment to revolutionizing the restaurant industry through cutting-edge technological solutions. With a proven track record of elevating guest experiences, increasing revenue and empowering kitchen teams, Curbit continues to lead the way toward the future of dining.

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