Industry News | April 26, 2011

Smashburger Now 100 Stores Strong

Smashburger opens the doors to its 100th store on April 27 in Schaumburg, Illinois. Since its debut more than three years ago, Smashburger has successfully opened stores in 20 states and 29 markets with an even mix of corporate and franchise units.

"We've accomplished a lot in three years and can attribute our growth and success to our loyal customers, our talented team and franchise partners, and the dedication of our shareholders and advisors," says Smashburger CEO and chairman Dave Prokupek. "The strong commitment to our brand by these groups in the midst of a recession has allowed us to achieve rapid success in a short period of time."

Smashburger's burgers start with 100 percent Certified Angus Beef, cooked to order and smashed on a flat grill to sear in the juicy flavor. Smashburger also serves tender marinated grilled or crispy chicken sandwiches, grilled and split hot dogs, entree salads, and an array of signature sides like rosemary and garlic-seasoned Smashfries, sweet potato Smashfries, crispy haystack onions, and veggie frites. Burger lovers can pair their meals with Haagen-Dazs shakes, malts, and floats and an array of local craft bottled beers and wine.

"Burgers are America's favorite food, and Smashburger has put burgers back into peoples' lives in a unique way. It's more than just a place to eat burgers, it's also about becoming part of the culture where our stores open," says Tom Ryan, founder and chief concept officer.

Smashburger plans to open 85 new stores in 2011 ending the year at approximately 175 units with a goal to reach 500 stores in the next few years. International expansion is also part of Smashburger's plans for continued growth.


That's interesting that Smashburger has opened 100 but how many of those have closed. Just in the past year, two of their locations in my city have closed.

Anyone looking into investing into this brand, its parent company is Quiznos whose franchisees are in a rut because of Rick Schaden's shady tactics. This is just a warning to those to research before looking into investing.

Smashburger is operated by the same bunch of misfits that run Quiznos, and they are on the path to destruction.

FYI, you still didn't mention in which city the stores closed. Is this slander or sour grapes?If you bothered to look further, Quizno's is a mom and pop business model similar to subway, i.e. a one store plus deal where someone with no prior food experience can own his own restaurant. Did they put too many stores too close to one another, in some cases maybe but if they didn't locate where they did, perhaps another user or competitor would have and your store would still have been cannibalized. Why do people always blame the franchisor for the sole cause of their demise? Could it be that your operation was weak? The market already saturated with too many food uses? Wrong product for the customers in the area? There are tons of reasons.Smashburger which is an entirely different business concept is a multi-unit/sophisticated operator driven business model and the guys who buy into the system and operate the units are experienced food guys who have run restaurants before. Did it ever occur to you what's in it for the franchisor to have franchisees fail? Do you think they like declining royalties, fewer supply orders, and tarnishing the brand so they can't sell more franchises to generate more royalty revenue? The buy in for quizno's is cheap, the buy in for Smashburger is multiples more, do your homework, its public knowledge online.

sounds like someone from corporate responed here is that you ricki??

If Rick Schaden has anything to do with the operations of this chain, that 100% Angus will slowly be converted to 100% whatever it is Taco Bell uses. They'll hook investors with the great product, then slash the quality, but not the food cost. You have to is ALL ABOUT Rick.

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