Smoke’s Poutinerie announces the official launch of their national franchising EDU-TAINMENT Program benefiting Canadian post-secondary graduates by providing them with an opportunity to jump aboard the Smoke’s Poutinerie Rock ‘n’ Roll Gravy Train with a 50 percent discount off all franchise related fees.

This original franchising initiative is the brain-child of Ryan Smolkin, founder and CEO of Smoke’s Poutinerie, who remembers the challenges faced when starting out as a serial entrepreneur.

“I’m excited to inspire young, ambitious students with aspirations to own their own businesses. I can’t wait to bring this unique partnership coast-to-coast. My main goal is to pave the way for students who are in the same position I was when I was finding my way in university,” Smolkin says. “I am totally stoked to be the first in this industry to support students in their journey toward entrepreneurship—I really want to give them opportunities I didn’t have.”

In addition, any post-secondary student attending one of Ryan Smolkin’s presentations during his ongoing Canada-wide speaking tour can enter an exclusive competition (1 entry/year) for a 100 percent discount off all franchise related fees.

Founded in 2009 by creative genius Ryan Smolkin, Smoke’s Poutinerie serves over 30 varieties of its famous poutine. The company has 150-plus locations across North America.

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