Smoke’s Poutinerie, the “World’s Largest and Original Poutinerie,” is offering recovering holiday revelers a way to enjoy poutine and all-day breakfast in one delicious package.

Smoke, the creator of Smoke’s Poutinerie, woke up New Year’s Day to the worst headache ever. Unfazed and determined, he rolled out of bed and made himself a Traditional Poutine, complete with fresh hand-cut fries, cheese curd, and his signature piping hot gravy. But the merriment-induced pounding in Smoke’s head told him something was missing, so he added scrambled eggs, double-smoked bacon, 100 percent pure Canadian maple syrup, and a healthy dose of Tabasco sauce. In this moment, the Hangover Poutine was born.

Smoke immediately faxed the company’s CEO and founder Ryan Smolkin to share his newest creation. Smolkin brought the culinary masterpiece to his friends at Tabasco Food Service Canada, and the two companies joined forces to share this delectable, gravy-covered hangover cure with the masses.

Smoke’s Poutinerie is offering the Hangover Poutine from January 25 through March 13, helping America recover from the merrymaking of the holidays and tackle the New Year. The Hangover Poutine includes a mini bottle of Tabasco Sauce with Smoke’s face on the label while supplies last, so fans know Smoke supports their recovery.

To ensure fans have remedies to fight any hangover, Smoke’s Poutinerie is accepting hangover cures submitted via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Smoke himself will select the best cure of the week every Monday while the Hangover Poutine is offered. Each winner will receive a $50 Smoke’s Poutinerie gift card.

“Breakfast is becoming the most popular meal for any time of the day, so Smoke wants to make sure fans can get their breakfast fix whenever the need strikes,” Smolkin says. “On top of that, Smoke is a true humanitarian. He saw the need for an all-day hangover cure and delivered a most elegant solution with the Hangover Poutine.”

Smoke’s Poutinerie sources top-of-the-line ingredients, including potatoes that are hand-selected from farms in Idaho and cheese curds from producers in Wisconsin. The brand’s traditional menu includes 30 varieties of poutine, from Chili Cheesesteak Poutine with flat iron steak, homemade chili and cheese sauce, to the Double Pork Poutine with chipotle pulled pork and double-smoked bacon, as well as multiple vegetarian options. 

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