Cleveland Range has released a new “smoking” option for its electric Convotherm combi ovens. The Convotherm ConvoSmoker combi features a built-in smoker box filled with flavored briquettes. How? A low-watt heating element below the smoker box makes the briquettes smolder and infuse the food with flavor.

The ConvoSmoker combi oven provides all the benefits of smoke-flavored foods without having to purchase a separate smoker oven. Ideal for fish, beef, pork, poultry, cheese, and vegetables, the unit has the ability to do both cold and hot smoking in addition to smoke roasting or commonly referred to as barbecuing or pit roasting.  

Hot smokingis accomplished in a two-step recipe process and exposes the foods to smoke and heat in a controlled environment and is often reheated. For more delicate products, cold smoking can be achieved in your Convotherm combi simply by placing a 4-inch solid pan filled with ice directly above smoke box before smoking begins. This is ideal for cold salmon, lox, cheese, and vegetables.

The Convotherm ConvoSmoker combi offers greater versatility than traditional smokers.

  • Faster cooking times.
  • Multi step and multi stage (steam, hot air, combi) smoke cooking.
  • Overnight smoking.
  • Ability to use steam in smoking recipes.
  • Expands menu and offers a greater variety of foods.
  • Offers a more precise and automated smoke cooking.
  • ConvoSmoker allows for one button smoking capability with the “Press n Go” feature.
  • No flavor transfer after cleaning cycle.
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