Smoothie Factory Juice Bar, a leading retailer of real fruit smoothies, fresh cold-squeezed juices, and nutritional products, enjoyed a record year for growth and development in 2014, adding 20 new locations for a total of 52 locations under its new parent company, BRIX Holdings, LLC.

The revitalized Smoothie Factory Juice Bar store concept will open in Tucson, Arizona, on March 1 near the University of Arizona and features a comprehensive fresh juice program, incorporating Red Mango frozen yogurt.  The store is part of a seven-store development plan for Arizona by existing franchisee, John Wilfert.

Much of Smoothie Factory's growth was driven through a cobranding initiative with Red Mango Yogurt Cafe, an award-winning cafe serving Red Mango all-natural frozen yogurt. The partnership between the two brands resulted in rapid expansion for Smoothie Factory.

“It was an excellent year for Smoothie Factory,” says Chris Pfau, COO of Smoothie Holdings FC, LLC. “Updating the store design, expanding the menu with fresh cold-squeezed juices and leveraging co-branding opportunities with Red Mango has positioned Smoothie Factory for further expansion in 2015.”

The company plans to add another 20 to 30 units in 2015 and, for a limited time, is offering zero royalties for six months, a SiteFinder guarantee and a $200,000 Super Boost BuyBack offer.  Under the SiteFinder guarantee, the company’s real estate team will help identify a franchisee’s location within 12 months or the entire franchise fee may be refunded. Under the Super Boost BuyBack offer, the company will purchase a franchisee’s store for up to $200,000 and may assume the lease if the franchisee is not completely satisfied within the first six months of opening. Certain terms and conditions apply for these offers and programs.

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