Smoothie Factory, a leading retailer of real fruit smoothies and nutritional products, introduced a line of 12 all-natural fresh juices. Designed to offer Smoothie Factory customers delicious and nutritious juice options that are fewer than 230 calories per serving, the juices are made with high quality ingredients and innovative produce combinations and served in a convenient 16-ounce resealable bottle.

“Consumer demand for nutritious snack and meal options are continually growing as we all become more aware of what we put into our bodies,” said Craig Erlich, president of Smoothie Holdings, LLC. “Smoothie Factory has had a long-standing commitment to health-focused smoothies made with real fruit and vegetable ingredients and a menu line-up that offers many options to customize and optimize flavor profiles to a wide variety of nutritional, goals from body building to weight loss. The juice program is a natural extension created to offer the best nutritional values to customers wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.”

The juices are divided into four categories:

Simply Juice contains single ingredient options, as well as a powerful, tasty, and vitamin packed citrus juice.

Flavors: Orange; Carrot; Apple

Easy Green juices are sweeter, fruit-forward blends that are easier to drink because they have sweeter fruits in them that help to mask the green vegetables that are blended into them.  These juices are designed to cleanse and nourish the body.

Flavors: Perfect PAC Mint; Pineapple Mint Harmony; Ginger Green Glory; Green Glory

Power Juices are purpose-driven juices made with a functional health benefit in mind

Flavors: Apple Kale Defender; Spicy Cold Zapper; Pump Up The Beet; Beet Sunrise; Mighty Carrot Kale

Nature’s Energy Shots are prepared as a 2-ounce drink and are a fast and easy way to drive concentrated vegetables (such as kale, beets and ginger) that are good for the body.

Flavors: Lemon Apple Beet; Lemon Apple Kale; Lemon Ginger Apple Kale

Smoothie Factory was founded by Olympic athlete James Villasana in 1996. As a high-level athlete, Villasana needed healthy food options made with only the highest quality ingredients to fuel his body. His carefully crafted smoothies were created with nutrition, taste, and overall health in mind.

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