Strawberry and banana are still classic flavors, but menus across the country are shifting toward the super–superfruits, that is. Fruits in this category, such as pomegranate, mangosteen, and goji, pack a punch of nutrients and beneficial properties for the body. Following its mission to encourage more and more people to achieve healthy lifestyles, Smoothie King added the following items to its menus across the country:

The Pomegranate Punch smoothie is rich in antioxidants and features a blend of pomegranate, banana, blueberry, and apple. According to some studies, pomegranate may help reduce the risks of certain cancers and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Pomegranate Punch is an addition to Smoothie King’s existing line of superfruit smoothies, including Acai Adventure, Mangosteen Madness, and Go Goji. Mangosteen is a tropical fruit touted for its antioxidants, and studies show xanthones in the fruit may be helpful in combating bacteria, fungi, inflammation, free radicals, and cancer. Goji is a rich source of antioxidants and has been used by Asian herbalists for thousands of years. The belief is the fruit might help regulate blood pressure, prevent cancer, balance blood sugar levels, and protect the body from premature aging.

Any Smoothie King smoothie can be customized with a Boost of Youth and a burst of antioxidants by adding pomegranate, mangosteen, or goji fruit. For example, add mangosteen to the Immune Builder smoothie to supplement the herbal nutrient blend with the added antioxidant protection found in the fruit.

For a more fully loaded charge, guests can add the new Antioxidant Enhancer, which contains pomegranate, goji, acai, vitamins A, C and E, and selenium, all in one shot. Antioxidants work to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. This powerful enhancer augments the general health benefits of Smoothie King’s nutrient-packed blends.

“We place a strong emphasis on educating our guests about the functional and nutritional benefits of the products and blends we offer,” says Steve Kuhnau, founder and CEO of Smoothie King. “The addition of these superfruits to the Smoothie King menu will provide our guests with even more options to create a smoothie that not only tastes great, but is great for the body.”

All of these menu items are available throughout Smoothie King’s operating area in any of its more than 450 locations.

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