Smoothie King, the premier smoothie bar and nutritional lifestyle center in the industry, presents its new “Smoothies Around the World” line of smoothies made from exotic fruits and herbs that offer the opportunity to experience unique flavors native to far-off locales, including the Amazon, China, Indonesia, and the Himalayas.

“With Smoothies Around the World, we’re taking our knowledge of blending the perfect smoothie and incorporating exotic fruits and herbs to create a taste that goes beyond the ordinary,” says Steve Kuhnau, founder of Smoothie King. “In addition to the fresh taste, each of the new smoothies are all-natural and nutrient-dense.”

New smoothie flavors include: Acai Adventure, Green Tea Tango, Passion Passport, Go Goji, and Mangosteen Madness. Smoothie King is the first smoothie bar to offer goji and mangosteen on its menu. Along with a unique taste, these fruits have been reported to provide various health benefits, including increased concentration, improved metabolism, and increased energy.

Smoothies Around the World are available at Smoothie King stores nationwide.

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