Smoothie King Franchises, Inc., the leading smoothie franchise company with more than 800 stores worldwide, will be launching a reformulated version of its popular Slim-N-Trim™ Smoothies system-wide on March 27, 2017.  At 250 calories or less per 20-ounce cup and made with at least 11 grams of high-quality protein and 6 grams of fiber to help curb hunger, the new and improved Slim-N-Trim Smoothies are Smoothie King’s lowest calorie meal replacement solution yet.

“Our slimmer and trimmer Slim-N-Trim Smoothies prove that sticking to your diet doesn’t have to be boring or bland,” says Mitchell Grittman, Food Scientist for Smoothie King.  “These smoothies have the same great taste our guests know and love, but have fewer calories, less sugar, and more protein and fiber than before. They are a satisfying way to help our guests stick to their weight loss goals as part of a sensible diet and regular exercise routine.”

The reformulated Slim-N-Trim Smoothies are blended with Smoothie King’s new, zero-calorie per serving, Stevia-based sweetener, made with no artificial sweeteners.  The Slim-N-Trim smoothie comes in three different flavors:

Smoothie King blends all of its smoothies with a specific purpose in mind.  Whether your goal is to slim down, gain muscle, achieve greater wellness, replace a meal, or just take a break, they have a smoothie that fulfills everyone’s purpose.  The purpose of the Slim-N-Trim Meal Replacement Smoothies is to help guests who are watching their calorie intake or looking to slim down as part of a sensible diet and regular exercise routine.

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