Exercises that get your heart pumping are the name of the game in 2022, and Smoothie King, the leader in purposeful smoothies, spent countless hours crafting a new line-up of The Activator Recovery smoothies specifically blended to optimize intense workouts and help guests achieve their New Year goals.

With 26 grams of protein in every 20 oz. blend (more protein than you would get from four eggs), The Activator Recovery smoothies are the best for high protein, post-workout recovery. Made with whole fruits and organic vegetables, Smoothie King’s proprietary, high-quality Gladiator® protein and naturally hydrating coconut water, these new smoothies give guests nutrients they need to recover properly after any intense workout, from high-intensity resistance training and running to swimming and triathlon training. These include protein to help build, tone and strengthen muscle and electrolytes like calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium to replenish what’s lost in sweat as guests pursue their goals.

“We know our guests are craving more intense workouts as we enter a new year, so we crafted our new Activator Recovery smoothies to support those evolving fitness trends,” says Rebecca Miller, Chief Marketing Officer of Smoothie King. “We’re also launching these new smoothies just in time to fuel New Year’s fitness goals because we care about our guests and want to empower them to Rule the Day®.

Smoothie King, a fitness brand at its core, is continuously looking for new ways to support guests’ health and fitness journeys. In 2020, it launched a new line of Stretch & Flex™ smoothies made with collagen to support the yoga routines spiking in popularity while many people adjusted to working from home, and The Activator® Recovery smoothies demonstrate the same commitment to meeting consumers where they are and empowering them to live a healthy, athletically-inspired life in whatever way serves them best.

The Activator Recovery smoothies are in Smoothie King’s ‘Get Fit’ category of blends, all crafted with clean, protein-rich ingredients to help guests fuel up or recover faster. The Activator Recovery smoothies have 0 grams of added sugar, 260 calories per 20 oz. and come in three refreshing varieties, each as delicious and satisfying as the next:

Blueberry Tart Cherry (new): tart cherries, wild blueberries, Gladiator protein, coconut water, protein blend and apple blueberry juice blend

Pineapple Spinach (new): pineapples, organic spinach, Gladiator protein, coconut water protein blend and pear passionfruit juice blend

Strawberry Banana: strawberries, bananas, Gladiator protein, coconut water, protein blend and apple juice blend

Like all Smoothie King smoothies, The Activator Recovery line stays true to the brand’s Clean Blends Promise and has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives or anything else on their no-no list.

Starting January 4 at 8AM CT/9AM ET, fans can share their workout plans to claim their free smoothie here: smoothieking.com/2022workout. Anyone who participates between January 4 January 6 will receive a reward for a free 12 oz. The Activator Recovery smoothie of any flavor.

The 12 oz. The Activator® Recovery smoothie reward can be redeemed any time through Smoothie King’s Healthy Rewards app before January 10, 2021.

For more nutrition and ingredient information or to find a nearby location, visit or download the Healthy Rewards App, available on the App Store and Google Play.

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