Snacktops, a foodservice industry provider of innovative packaging solutions that improve portability, announced the launch of its first commercial product line of convenient, interlocking food and beverage containers that allows on-the-go consumers to carry more in their hands when they leave the point-of-sale. Designed to service the needs of various establishments, such as amusement parks, stadiums, convenience stores, quick-service restaurants and food concession businesses, Snacktops’ solutions fit a variety of existing branded beverage containers, are cost competitive to paper-based packaging and 100 percent recyclable. The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s successful 10-game pilot program with Yankee Stadium that resulted in a substantial unit volume increase for the venue.

“Snacktops represent a new generation of portable packaging that is changing the way the world eats and drinks while on-the-go,” says Jeff Engel, president and CEO of Snacktops, Inc. “Through multiple pilot programs, such as the Yankee Stadium test, Snacktops’ products are proving to not only increase revenue and profits for vendors, but also enhance the customer experience by providing them with a convenient and easy way to carry more items and enjoy them while on the move. It’s truly a win-win situation for everyone.”

The Yankee Stadium pilot program yielded strong results with 65 percent of customers stating they were influenced to purchase a combo meal as a result of the convenience and ease of Snacktops’ packaging. The results also showed that 97 percent of customers wanted to see more foods sold the same way.

With more than 30 packaging solutions and over 60 domestic and international patents, Snacktops provides a variety of food and snack containers with special lids that snap onto a range of existing, branded beverage cups suited for draft beer, coffee, canned, bottled and fountain drinks. Keeping in line with the latest foodservice packaging trends, Snacktops’ unique design is closely aligned with today’s consumers’ snacking habits. Each of Snacktops’ lid designs features a straw insert strategically angled at the rim, rather than the center, that works in conjunction with its selection of snack containers and allows for more practical food and beverage consumption.

Snacktops is now accepting domestic and international orders. For more information or product inquiries, visit

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