In a move to provide restaurants more resources to enhance the user experience and collect more comprehensive customer data, Snapfinger, the nation’s largest mobile-based commerce platform for the restaurant industry, is launching an on-premise, self-checkout and mobile payment application.

The application, Snapfinger Mobile Payment, uses Snapfinger’s current m-commerce platform already running on the restaurant’s POS.

This will give restaurants visibility to their on-premise customer data, much like their online ordering data.

Snapfinger Mobile Payment integrates into the restaurant’s point-of-sale (POS) system, enabling users to check in through a mobile application and open a ticket in the restaurant’s system.

The ticket is then updated by a server or directly by the consumer. When done, diners can securely pay their ticket with a mobile device using saved branded store cards; linked debit, credit, or prepaid cards; PayPal; or Google Wallet.

“Restaurants have long struggled with how to collect data on in-store diners, so they can provide a richer user experience based on ordering preferences and past history,” says Jim Garrett, Snapfinger’s CEO. “With Snapfinger Mobile Payment, restaurants can provide a check-in and checkout application to diners that links to their loyalty programs and creates a total consumer picture based on both on-site and remote ordering histories.”

Snapfinger is the largest and most comprehensive provider of mobile, online, and phone-based ordering and payment applications for fast-casual and casual restaurants.

The company provides restaurants with a platform that supports online ordering websites, mobile apps, and call center support, while also providing diners one simple gateway app and website for locating, ordering, and paying for orders.

“One of the challenges many on-site mobile payment apps have faced is a lack of integration into the POS systems,” Garrett says. “Snapfinger is already integrated into all of the leading POS platforms, making Snapfinger Mobile Payment the easiest and fastest way for restaurants to launch a mobile payment program.”

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