Industry News | March 24, 2011

Social Media Users Love Subway the Most

Subway is the most loved fast food chain in the U.S. according to Amplicate, an online-opinion collating resource that accounts for more than 78 million public opinions of social media users.

With a positive rating of 76 percent as expressed on Twitter, Facebook, and Amplicate, more than 6,100 positive opinions were made about the restaurant over the past 3 months.

Among others scoring highly in the most favored list were Jimmy John’s, Dairy Queen, and Panda Express, all rating above 77 percent in positive opinion.

On the other hand, those that ranked the lowest in the category were Wendy's, Pizza Hut, and fast food giant McDonald’s, which scored a “love rating” of 64 percent.

Amplicate ranks the most discussed U.S. fast food chains to show how the Top 20 compare against each other in terms of public love, reach, and absolute opinion. The service also publishes rankings and real opinions for more than 241,000 topics.


If Subway has a 76% positive and Jimmy Johns, Dairy Queen and Panda Express have 77% positive, why is the headline that Subway is number one?? What am I missing?

Regardless of the small differences in percentage points, being the most loved does not necessarily translate into ROI for Subway or anyone else. You can rest assure that building the Subway social media community involves a large allocation of resources such as people, technology and time. No profit seeking company is going to continue to fund social media activities unless the efforts can be securely tied to ROI. Realistically the "Love Factor" as reported by Amplicate should only be considered a precursor as currently it can only be realistically viewed as "Potential ROI".

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