The ultimate American drive-in dining
experience will go international for the first time in 2001
when Sonic Corporation
cruises into northern Mexico later this year.

The Mexican holding company, Fidelity de Mexico, S. de
R.L. de C.V., comprising a select group of franchisees owning
more than 300 Sonic Drive-Ins throughout Texas, Oklahoma,
Tennessee and Arizona, will open its first Mexican drive-in
location in Monterrey, with further expansion into Mexico
planned through 2003.

Monterrey was chosen because of its fast-growing population,
increasing affluence and its status as the country’s industrial

"We truly believe that Mexico is ready for the Sonic brand,”
said Mario Guajardo, a San Antonio native and manager of
the investment group. "Sonic Drive-In restaurants fill
a niche not offered by other businesses in Mexico: high-quality
food, unique menu items and personalized Carhop service.
That formula has made Sonic successful in the U.S. and should
continue into Mexico.”

While the Monterrey Sonic Drive-In will be identical to
its American locations in most ways, special care has been
taken to tailor the concept to Mexican palates. The menu
will be printed in Spanish and will feature some locally
preferred soft drinks and a variety of salsas.

The initial drive-in will be one of the largest in the
Sonic system, totaling approximately 1,600 square feet.
The drive-in will feature more than 25 individual ordering
stations, outdoor patio seating and a drive-through.



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