Sonic Drive-In is bringing the laughter with the launch of a new take on its iconic advertising campaign featuring comedic powerhouses Jane Krakowski and Ellie Kemper. In collaboration with the iconic “Two Guys”—consisting of improvisational comedians Peter Grosz and T.J. Jagodowski—the two pairs will be showcased in TV and online advertising while enjoying one-of-a-kind Sonic menu items from the front seats of their cars.

“Jane and Ellie are the ideal pair to cast for this new chapter of the campaign with their strong representations of our brand personality and they bring a fresh female perspective,” says Lori Abou Habib, chief marketing officer for Sonic. “They exude the brand’s good-natured and fun-loving culture with their lively humor, in addition to being Sonic fans themselves. Jane and Ellie radiate authentic personalities ideal for the Sonic brand and audience.”

For more than a decade, the “Two Guys” have been synonymous with the brand’s amusing and energetic strategy to advertising. Krakowski and Kemper join the comedic, iconic campaign to mark an evolution of the Sonic commercials showcasing female comedians.

“Ellie and I have been the biggest fans of Sonic—and the hilarious commercials – for years. When we were presented with the opportunity to join a campaign that fully embraces comedy and improv, we knew right away this was going to be fun,” said Jane Krakowski. “We have always appreciated the comedy that Peter and TJ have brought to the Sonic ads and Ellie and I are honored to be the first female comedy duo to be in the Sonic car.”

The new commercial spots will feature upcoming Sonic products and promotions including the launch of the Sonic Signature Slingers, new cheeseburgers starting under 350 calories made with three simple ingredients: 100-percent pure beef blended with savory mushrooms and bold seasoning, becoming the first of its kind in fast food*.

“Joining the ranks of Peter and TJ feels momentous,” says Ellie Kemper. “Jane and I are so excited to share our take on a couple of friends hanging out at Sonic.”



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