Industry News | September 20, 2013

Sonny’s Blends Barbecue With Asian, Mexican Tastes

Sonny’s BBQis introducing its “Q For Two” promotion that offers a shared appetizer and two entrées for one low price.

The limited-time promotion runs through October 27 at participating Sonny’s BBQ locations.

Sonny’s BBQ pitmasters have come up with a twist on two traditional appetizers that offer a fusion of barbecue with an Asian or Mexican flare.

Redneck Egg Rollsare a mix of pulled pork, coleslaw, and Jack cheese that is rolled into an egg roll and fried served with a smoky ranch dipping sauce.

BBQ Nachosblend nacho chips with pulled chicken, queso, tomato, and corn drizzled with Sonny’s Signature Sweet Sauce.

“An important part of the barbecue culture is experimenting to come up with new and delicious taste combinations,” says Sonny’s BBQ COO and executive pitmaster Brandon Manly. “We’ve certainly accomplished that with our new Redneck Egg Rolls and BBQ Nachos.”

The “Q For Two” promotion lets customers share any of four appetizers—Redneck Egg Rolls, BBQ Nachos, corn nuggets, or fried okra—plus two full-sized dinner entrées chosen from pulled pork, pulled chicken, sliced pork, beef brisket, half chicken, or smoked turkey.


I had two orders of redneck eggrolls in Jacksonville Fla. Friday night. These were outstanding. I personally do not know how to describe how good these are. I wish we had a Sonny's near me

These are amazing! I order this appetizer for a meal, by adding a side salad. My new favorite at Sonny's.

Tried the nacho's last week. They were amazing!

I had the redneck eggrolls and they weren't all that. I wish they would bring back the breaded squash. Now those were of the chain! I use to drive 30 min. out of my way just to get those. BRING BACK THE BREADED SQUASH!

Seriously delicious, I hope it becomes a regular menu item

They're pretty good.

Sonny's Redneck Egg Rolls are now a part of the menu!  Get them in any Sonny's location, YUM!

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