Industry News | March 29, 2011

Sophie's Salad Gets a Bigger Plug at Saladworks: TV

Saladworks announced that Sophie’s Salad will be available for $6.99 at all locations for the month of April.

Sophie’s Salad is a spring mix base combined with green apple slices, grilled chicken, bleu cheese, craisins, and candied pecans, all for 300 calories. The salad was introduced as a seasonal salad and became so popular that Saladworks added it to the core menu offering during the system-wide menu rollout in 2010. Sophie’s is now ranked as one of the most popular salads, next to classic menu items like the Bently and Tivoli salads.

Sophie’s Salad will be promoted by the Telly award-winning Saladworks television commercial. Beginning in April, commercials will run throughout early morning, day, and primetime slots. The franchise’s first commercials brought a 10 percent increase in system-wide sales. The response to the first-ever TV campaign was so great that Saladworks’ 2011 marketing campaign centers around both television and radio spots.

Multiunit Saladworks franchisee and Franchise Advisory Council member, Vince Rosetti, is excited for the resurgence of the television campaign. “I definitely saw a spike in store traffic and sales. When the commercials ran in 2009, I remember people being at the door before we even opened,” Rosetti says.

“Saladworks’ first television campaign brought us a great deal of brand awareness, and we ultimately added Sophie’s Salad to our core menu due to its popularity,” says founder and CEO, John Scardapane. “We are thrilled to start our next television campaign and offer our fans Sophie’s Salad for just $6.99.”

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