Beer Cheese Soup in a hollow sourdough bread boule (or bowl)… Organic Tomato Gorgonzola Soup in shot glasses … Loaded Baked Potato Soup in a generous colorful coffee mug … “The right soup, presented in an intriguing way, can stimulate both menu interest and check averages,” says Susi Greiner-Handke, research & development executive chef for Harry’s Fresh Foods.

Just in time for fall, here are some great ways to make soup exciting:

Tomato Bisque with Mini Grilled Cheese Bites. Provide a fun comfort-food twist by pouring soup in a crockery or porcelain bowl on a larger plate. Serve with mini grilled-cheese bites boasting Vermont white cheddar stacked to the side of the bowl on the plate.

Dynamic Duo: Heart of Artichoke Bisque and Cream of Roasted Red Pepper. Revive the “two soups in a bowl” concept with two complementary soups by simultaneously pouring both opposite each other into a deeper, taller soup bowl. Add a contrasting touch of color by sprinkling chopped parsley on top.

Yankee Beef Pot Roast Feast in a Bowl. Serve this hearty soup featuring tender pieces of beef, baby carrots, cabbage, onion and all the fixings in an individual soufflé dish as a main-course special, or ladle into a large soup tureen or homestyle bowl, set in the center of the table with individual soup bowls, and allow customers to serve themselves.

Harry’s full line of water- and milk-based soup concentrates and heat-and-serve soups are handcrafted by a team of professional chefs to keep quality ingredients at their best—kettle-cooked in small batches to retain consistent texture, flavor, and appearance.

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