Southern Classic Chicken, a family-founded fried chicken franchise is announcing its partnership with Franchise Marketing Systems to meet the needs of their rapid expansion. The brand already has 17 locations open and is looking to open new locations across Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas within the upcoming years.

Southern Classic Chicken’s limited-item menu has proved successful for their existing franchisees, offering the benefits of simplified operations and brand recognition. Operating with a drive-thru and walk-up model, the restaurant chain has remained resilient even throughout the pandemic. With a 20 percent increase in system wide sales in 2020, Southern Classic Chicken’s model is poised for growth as off-premise dining remains increasingly important for restaurants nationwide. With that in mind, Southern Classic Chicken has developed a partnership that will not only benefit the brand, but, more importantly, the franchisees.

“Southern Classic Chicken’s drive-thru and walk-up models have contributed greatly to our success, and we believe these models are attractive to those looking to get into the restaurant franchise space during this time,” says Nick Binnings, Director of Brand Development for Southern Classic Chicken. “We wanted to find an organization that could benefit the brand, our current franchisees and our future franchisees.”

With a successful model, Southern Classic Chicken has been positioned to grow exponentially, leading them to outsource assistance in their franchise development and marketing. The brand found that, as the country re-opens, creating early traction and developing a partnership to meet their expansion needs was critical. Seeking a company with a long track record of success with a proven model, Southern Classic Chicken recently partnered with Franchise Marketing Systems.

Franchise Marketing Systems is a full-service franchise development company, specializing in both developing and selling franchise brands. The company, founded in 2009, is the only full-service franchise consulting agency that offers marketing and sales support to its clients. They have provided their clients with an entrepreneurial approach using a relationship-based model to create the intimate feeling of a partnership.

 “The chicken market is experiencing massive growth. Southern Classic Chicken has a fantastic product, reputable brand and simple operating model, all the components to create a favorable national footprint. Our focus is to keep assist their regional growth in the southern United States,” says Chris Conner, President of Franchise Marketing Systems. “A combination of our resources from the franchise development and marketing stand point in tandem with Southern Classic Chicken’s successful brand provides us the tools to generate exponential growth.”

This new partnership will benefit Southern Classic Chicken through developing a team solely focused and held accountable on their franchise development. Franchise Marketing Systems will structurally assist Southern Classic Chicken with operational support and organized structure through providing training manuals, educating franchisees and developing marketing collateral. Additionally, they’ll help develop a full-time sales team in order to attract new franchisees.

“We’re excited to provide interested buyers with depth, resources, and a team that’s focused on franchise sales side,” says Tom O’Keefe, Managing Director of Southern Classic Chicken. “We want to provide our current and future franchisees the support they need to be as successful as possible, and we believe that Franchise Marketing Systems will allow us to do that.”

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