Southern Pride, a creator of commercial smokers, introduces the MLR-150 gas-fired, wood-burning rotisserie smoker, a commercial kitchen/competition-ready rotisserie smoker in a compact model. 

The MLR-150 received the Kansas City Barbecue Society’s Seal of Approval by offering an upgrade package to make it entirely competition ready. The optional competition upgrade package includes a gas cut-off switch, charcoal grate, and gravity drip moisture infusion system. 

The gas cut-off switch disables the gas flow while still allowing the burner blower to supply air to stoke the solid fuel located in the firebox. This allows the smoker to remain thermostatically controlled without the use of gas. 

The specially designed charcoal grate that is inserted in the firebox allows the use of solid fuel as the only heat source. 

A gravity drip moisture infusion system introduces moisture into the cooking chamber by dripping on the firebox. This drip system provides more consistent heat distribution, produces a higher yield product, and helps prevent the product from becoming dry.

The MLR-150 rotisserie smoker features a 304 stainless steel construction; self-basting rotisserie system; thermostatically controlled cooking chamber; air-over wood burning firebox design that maximizes smoke while minimizing the wood needed for each cooking cycle; gas-fired electronic ignition system that eliminates the need to light the wood manually; recirculating convection air; convection fan clean-out door; subthertermic flue enhances the infusion of the smoke flavor

The MLR-150 holds 46 whole chickens (3–4l pounds each) in one cook cycle when utilizing the chicken 12-spit system, which comes standard with each unit. 

This compact model measures 33 inches by 58 inches by 64 inches, and can fit through a standard 36-inch door frame. Providing robust cooking capacities of 24 pieces of pork butts, 24 sides of St. Louis style ribs, eight whole beef briskets, or 80 pounds of chicken wings in one cook cycle.  

The MLR-150 can be configured in a traditional rear flue application or in a Southern Pride front flue offering that maximizes ventilation efficiency when equipped with the Southern Pride VSP hood system.

The front flue design reduces both gas and wood consumption during the cook cycle, while increasing smoke exposure.

This unit is available in stationary, trailer mounted, or competition cart configurations. All configurations are available to be shipped common carrier.

Southern Pride is also introducing the MLR-850 rotisserie smoker. Featuring a five-tier, four-rack hanger rotisserie system, each hanger is capable of holding five 18-by-22-inch food racks, with three and a half inches of spacing between racks. 

This configuration provides a 66 percent increase in cooking capacity for low-profile products (i.e. ribs, chicken halves, sausage, etc.) over its predecessor, the XLR-600. 

The MLR-850 can hold 108 pieces of pork butts, 80 pieces of St. Louis style ribs, 108 whole chickens, 36 whole beef briskets, or 250 chicken wings in one cook cycle.

The MLR-850 allows for the removal of food racks two and four, providing three food racks (top, middle, and bottom) per hanger, with seven inches of spacing between racks. This configuration for large cuts of meat provides a 50 percent increase in capacity over the XLR-600. 

The MLR-850 will reduce to 33.25 inches wide (minus the firebox door handle and latch), allowing for easy access through a 36-inch door. It is mechanically operational upon delivery. 

Final installation on working height locking casters or stationary legs allows for placement under a 78-inch-or-higher canopy hood.