Although it is a mysterious pink luncheon meat for the rest of America, SPAM has meant comfort food for more than 60 years in Hawaii.

In response to the popularity of their new SPAM breakfast items, Burger King Hawaii launched a series of television commercials featuring the distinct, savory-sweet meat. The commercials originally aired in September and began re-airing this month.

Last year, Burger King Restaurants of Hawaii introduced the Crossan’wich made with SPAM, eggs, and cheese and the SPAM Platter, served with white rice, scrambled eggs. and SPAM.

One commercial features two old fishermen in the middle of a lake while a young surfer paddles by on his surfboard. The other features line-dancing cowboys performing in a saloon followed by beautiful hula dancers. The commercials emphasize that people can experience particular activities in certain states but only at Burger King in Hawaii can they find SPAM breakfast items on the menu.

SPAM was introduced in Hawaii during World War II. American serviceman brought their rations which included the now ubiquitous cans of SPAM®. SPAM increased in popularity as a source of protein for locals when fishing was prohibited during the war.

On a per capita basis, Hawaii consumes more than 5 million cans of SPAM annually which is more than any other state in U.S.

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