Speedy Eats, a proud member of the Louisiana Technology Park and a trailblazer in the quick-service food industry, announced the launch of its groundbreaking unmanned drive-through concept, set to revolutionize fast food consumption. Initially established in 2019 as a pizza kitchen, Speedy Eats now harnesses cutting-edge technology and a dedication to delivering fresh, healthy meals on-the-go.

“At Speedy Eats, we envision a world where every meal embodies innovation and convenience. Our mission is to redefine the culinary experience, one speedy delivery at a time,” says Speed Bancroft, CEO of Speedy Eats. Customers can now relish the convenience of ordering through the Speedy Eats app, available for download on all major app stores. Committed to accessibility, Speedy Eats operates 24/7, catering to the needs of busy consumers around the clock.

Key features of Speedy Eats’ outdoor automated systems include:

  • Integration with third-party delivery services like GrubHub and collaboration with top companies like Valqari and Indro Robotics for drone and automated ground delivery.
  • Image recognition technology for verifying customers’ identities or ages for age-restricted items.
  • Optimization of delivery routes using machine learning, ensuring efficient and timely deliveries.
  • Cashless payment options and a QR code verification system for a streamlined ordering process.
  • Customizable inventory management system with interactive shelves and a real-time dashboard for operators. Items that expired are shelved immediately.

“We are excited to unveil our advanced outdoor automated systems, designed to enhance the convenience and efficiency of food delivery,” says Sanjay Maharjan, CTO of Speedy Eats. Speedy Eats invites individuals to become operators.

Moreover, Jay Ducote serves as the spokesperson for Speedy Eats. Ducote’s involvement with Speedy Eats stems from a long-standing admiration for the company’s founder, Speed, and his unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. “I’ve collaborated with Speed on numerous projects over the years, and I consistently admire his enthusiasm and entrepreneurial drive,” says Ducote. “Speedy Eats aligns naturally with my background in the food industry. The integration of automation and efficiency into food is something Speedy Eats strives for, and that resonates with me!”

Currently spanning 12 locations in Baton Rouge, Speedy Eats is poised for expansion to more locations, ready to transform businesses, one parking lot at a time.

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