T3, the Austin-based innovation agency, has been selected by Sprinkles Cupcakes to assist in modernizing the bakery’s digital experience (including online ordering), making it easier, faster and more fun for dessert fans to interact with and experience the brand. A major focus of this effort is the integration of a new online ordering program on Olo and a loyalty platform. It will also include custom functionality, such as a cupcake customizer feature, which is a top priority for corporate and catering clients.

“Since opening the world’s first cupcake bakery in Beverly Hills, we’ve been expanding our reach and building loyalty by creating original experiences like our cupcake-dispensing ATM,” says Jennifer Warren, Sprinkles’ CMO. “We’re excited to partner with an agency like T3 because they have a great track record in optimizing online experiences for customers.”

This partnership combines T3’s customer experience expertise with a best-in-class ordering platform powered by T3’s modern restaurant accelerator. The goal is to extend the Sprinkles brand’s success to a digital medium and continue to drive customer loyalty.

“Consumers expect Sprinkles to be there when they want it, and T3 understands the need for brands like Sprinkles to offer instant gratification in every facet of their business,” says Ben Gaddis, T3’s President. “We are excited to help Sprinkles provide a customer experience that’s omnipresent and reflective of the unique, experiential aspects of the brand’s physical locations.”

As a champion of Useful Brands, T3 has helped clients connect with their customers for 28 years through a unique combination of technical and digital design with modern loyalty capabilities.

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