Sprouts Chef Training, the nonprofit organization dedicated to providing life-changing culinary opportunities to underprivileged youth, is expanding their chef mentorship program into New York City. This chef mentorship and their vocational wrap-around program will provide underserved youth with both top culinary mentorship opportunities as well as future job placement in New York City. Sprouts marks their launch into New York City with three exclusive pop-up events that will not only offer diners exceptional culinary creations, but also open doors for youth with event proceeds directly sponsoring a young individual’s culinary training. Sprouts’ expansion is made possible in partnership with OpenTable, with tickets available for each event available on the platform.

All partnering chefs will be future mentors of chef trainees. Chef Nicholas McCann kicks off the pop-up series at his renowned restaurant, Society Cafe, on May 1, 2024. Chef Mary Attea of esteemed, Michelin-star restaurant, The Musket Room, and Chef Camari Mick of Raf’s, takes the baton on May 5th, 2024. Finishing off the first pop-up series is a collaboration between Falansai, renown for its Vietnamese-Mexican cuisine and Pecking House, the top trending restaurant for chili fried chicken under Chef Eric Tran and Chef Eric Huang.

Sprouts Chef Training, founded in San Francisco by CEO Kate Rogers in 2006, has been at the forefront of providing life-changing culinary training opportunities to underserved youth. “We found immense success in our chef mentorship program in San Francisco where our mission has always been more than just teaching students cooking skills but in opening doors and creating opportunities for those who thought they had none,” says Kate Rogers, Founder and CEO of Sprouts Chef Training. “With one in four children in New York City living in poverty and as a mecca of top restaurants and chefs in the county, Sprouts Chef Training is excited to partner with OpenTable in expanding our services to provide opportunities and improve the lives of NYC’s youth.”

“Sprouts Chef Training creates opportunities for underprivileged youth, while solving one of the industry’s biggest challenges – hiring, training and retaining staff,” says Debby Soo, CEO of OpenTable. “We’ve seen this firsthand in San Francisco, and bringing the program to New York City means fostering the next generation of culinary talent in one of the greatest dining destinations in the world.”

Event Information

Society Cafe by Chef Nicholas McCann
May 1st, 2024, 6:30PM, Event Registration, 265 Elizabeth St, New York, NY

“It’s an honor to be a partner in mentoring a youth mentee that has the passion and hunger to learn but just looking for the opportunity,” says Chef Nicholas. Through this partnership, he’s looking to impart his passion for sustainable, high-quality ingredients from local farmers and growers and teach the science behind every dish.

The Musket Room x Raf’s by Chef Mary Attea and Chef Camari Mick May 5th, 2024, 6PM, Event Registration, 265 Elizabeth St, New York, NY.

“Our diverse culinary journeys converge on the importance of mentorship, resilience and authenticity. Mentorship is leading with compassion, respect and giving mentees the tools they need to learn and grow. Chef Camari and I are excited to partner with Sprouts Chef Training to mold the future of culinary talent, grounded in ethical practices and genuine passion” says Chef Mary Attea.

Chef Camari Mick says “finding your place in the culinary world is a journey of perseverance, a lesson in the value of surrounding yourself with supportive people and the importance of aligning with work that reflects your true passion and core values. Through our partnership with Sprouts, Mary and I aim to be a platform for authentic expression in the culinary arts and nurturing individuals.”

Falansai x Pecking House by Chef Eric Tran and Chef Eric Huang May 8th, 2024, 6:30PM, Event Registration, 265 Elizabeth St, New York, NY

“Food is community, a powerful means of self-identity and bringing people together. I’m excited to partner with Sprouts to provide opportunities for young kids to grow valuable skills that are transferable to a culinary career and discipline that will last a lifetime,” says Chef Eric Tran of Falansai.

Chef Eric of Pecking House says, “cooking is a team sport, and learning how to work with people from different backgrounds and in high-stress environments teaches good work ethic and teamwork skills that will prove to be invaluable. Chef Eric and I are thrilled to be partnering with Sprouts and to teach these critical skills.”