Star Micronics America, a worldwide manufacturer of point-of-service printers, recently announced its partnership with SalesVu, the first mobile payment application that's tied to a cloud-based management infrastructure.

SalesVu's mobile payment and POS solution is designed to significantly improve efficiency for retail stores, restaurants, and mobile businesses.

SalesVu is comprised of a payment application for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, which connects to a secure cloud-based infrastructure for centralized management, reporting, and marketing. SalesVu offers numerous features including the ability to track cash, check, gift card, and credit card transactions; print and email receipts; scan barcodes; manage the cash draw; and offer a low 2.7 percent flat rate credit card processing fee for U.S. companies.

SalesVu selected the Star Micronics TSP654L printer because of the various drivers available and its support of iOS products. The printer offers high reliability and performance at a low cost. Ideal for restaurants and retail establishments, it offers fast printing (150 mm/second) and "drop-in-and-print" paper loading.

The printer also features a small footprint and reliable guillotine cutter. The Star Micronics printer can also be connected to a cash drawer, which opens automatically after a cash transaction or manually through the SalesVu iPad POS.

The partnership between SalesVu and Star Micronics is designed to provide business owners with the power and flexibility of traditional point-of-sale solutions that are usually extremely expensive and difficult to set up.

"Our goal is to change people's expectation about the cost and complexity of a fully featured point-of-sale solution," says Pascal Nicolas, CEO of SalesVu.

The SalesVu application is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Once downloaded, the application turns an iPad into a mobile POS and automatically discovers all Star TSP654L printers on the network. Each Star Micronics printer can be configured as a receipt printer, kitchen printer, or bar printer. If there are multiple iPad POS devices in the same location, they can all print to the same printer and will only send the appropriate items to each printer (i.e food to kitchen printer, drinks to bar printer, etc.).

SalesVu and Star Micronics are revolutionizing the traditional wait service paradigm as well. Instead of going back to the counter to enter orders, wait staff can use the POS application on the iPod Touch, which provides the same features as the iPad version. This capability significantly improves wait staff effectiveness and helps speed up service time considerably by sending orders directly from tableside to the bar or kitchen, with the iPod Touch sending a print command to the appropriate Star Micronics printer on the network.

Consumers can even pay at the table by swiping their credit card directly on the iPod Touch or iPad.

"We are thrilled about the relationship we have formed with SalesVu," says Christophe Naasz, director of marketing at Star Micronics. "This partnership proves the reliability of Star printers and their ability to work with cutting-edge technology trends."