Industry News | June 19, 2013

Starbucks to Add Calorie Counts to Menuboards

Starbucks Coffee Company announced it will include calorie information on menuboards at all company-operated and licensed U.S. Starbucks stores beginning June 25.

The launch of menuboard labeling and pastry case calorie labeling will complement the food and beverage transparency the company already provides to customers through printed brochures, an nutrition tab on, and the Starbucks Mobile App for iPhone.

“Menu labeling is yet another step to extend our commitment to wellness, ensuring our customers and partners have the information they need to make informed decisions and understand all the ways that they can customize their Starbucks beverages to be within their desired calorie range,” says Mary Wagner, PhD and senior vice president, global research and development at Starbucks. “Starbucks believes that wellness is the journey to a happy, healthy life through daily choices, whether it’s a favorite beverage or a wholesome meal option.”

Starbucks’s dedication to this commitment is illustrated through the many steps in the company’s journey to becoming a place to find varied options to accommodate nutrition and taste preferences.

These steps include adding sugar-free syrups in 1997; beverage customization in 2003; making 2% milk the standard for core beverages in the U.S. in 2007; offering new bakery items and eliminating artificial flavors, dyes, preservatives, and sweeteners where possible in 2009; introducing grab-and-go lunch items for less than 500 calories in 2011; adding Evolution Fresh juices in 2012; and launching new Salad Bowls, each less than 450 calories, in the summer of 2013.

Starbucks will post calorie counts to accompany each beverage listed on the menu boards, as well as on tags to accompany food in the bakery case.

Each beverage is listed as a standard recipe, though each is fully customizable, such as ordering without whip, choosing a different milk, or selecting a sugar-free syrup option.

Customers can expect to see the new menuboards and pastry case displays in all stores in the U.S. beginning June 25.


why is this news? I think the real news is the fact that they haven't done so until now. a law passed in 2010 requiring calories on menu boards for chains larger than 20 stores (federal and state by state). many smaller chains adhered and felt the cost of doing so across their chain. the bigger guys (sbux, md's, and others), felt the law didn't apply to them, they are above the law, so they waited. well good for them. finally they are doing what is right. i just dont understand why we are positioning this as some divine thing they've done for the good of mankind....sheesh. if this isn't "spin", I don't know what is!

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