On the heels of the successful introduction of the Starbucks Card, Starbucks Coffee Company will now replace unused balances of lost, registered cards.

Whether a customer’s card is misplaced, stolen, or eaten by a beloved pet, rest assured that Starbucks will replace the unused balance due to customers if they have registered their cards.

“We recognize that it’s important for our customers to be able to protect the value loaded onto their Starbucks Card,” said Darren Huston, senior vice president, New Ventures for Starbucks Coffee Company. “The ‘Secure your Card’ feature is the first in a series of upcoming program enhancements for customers that will improve their Starbucks Experience.”

To obtain a replacement card, a customer must have registered his or her Starbucks Card via Starbucks.com or by calling 1-800-STARBUC. Registration is necessary, as it is the only way Starbucks can validate ownership. Registered customers need not retain a receipt. In the event a card becomes misplaced, customers simply call 1-800-STARBUC to report the missing card. The balance will be frozen and a new card, loaded with the remaining balance, will be sent to the customer without hassles or fees.

Starbucks Card users who registered prior to July 3 will need to log onto Starbucks.com/card or call 1-800-STARBUC to update their account information with his or her city of birth. This identifier will be referenced in the event a user reports a lost card. Starbucks is sending registered card holders an e-mail notification to request the additional information.

“We believe Starbucks is the first large retailer to offer this benefit to its stored value card users,” added Huston. “Most other retailers who offer replacements require an original receipt or do so at the discretion of store personnel. With this new service, Starbucks is continuing to innovate in order to bring unique benefits to customers.”

The Starbucks Card was introduced in November 2001 and to date more than 4 million cards have been activated. Starbucks Cards may be purchased at any company-owned stores, on Starbucks.com or by calling 1-800-STARBUC. Not only are coffee enthusiasts enjoying the convenience of Starbucks Cards, but many companies have also incorporated the card into incentive and recognition programs.

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