Starbucks Coffee Company launched the only large-scale market test of “Starbucks Express” today in Denver. Starbucks Express is a new service that allows customers to order and pay for their favorite beverages and pastries using their phone or the Internet.

“We’re very excited about how well Starbucks Express was received by customers in test stores in the Seattle area,” said Darren Huston, senior vice president, New Ventures, Starbucks Coffee Company. “In fact, we intended to end the Seattle test in January, but positive customer feedback lead us to extend the test indefinitely. Consumers have told us it has sped up their morning commute to work; and parents have found it a convenient way to order while on the go with their children as they do not need to wait in line.”

“The expansion to more than 60 stores in Denver will offer Starbucks the opportunity to further assess customer interest and refine the service for a possible national launch,” added Huston.

Starbucks Express will be available in more than 60 stores within communities throughout metro-Denver, Boulder and Aurora, Colorado. This includes nine locations in downtown Denver. A complete list of participating stores is available at
“Denver was selected as the only large-scale program based on its reputation as a technology savvy market that is also home to an educated coffee audience,” said Anne Saunders, vice president, Starbucks Interactive, Starbucks Coffee Company. “We are interested in the response of Denver-area customers because they have always enjoyed the coffeehouse experience and have been open to new technology experiences in the past.”

To use the Starbucks Express service, customers simply place their order via phone or the Starbucks Express website at about five minutes before arriving at their favorite store. Their pre-paid beverage will be ready upon arrival and waiting for them at the pick-up area with their name printed on the cup. There is a 25 cent service fee for each order placed using Starbucks Express. Just for signing up and trying the service, Starbucks will be offering a complimentary first order.

Upon completion of the Denver service on January 31, 2003, the program will be assessed for future market introductions.

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