A trip to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle is a one-of-a-kind experience. And for its visitors, Starbucks offers a one-of-a-kind coffee, Starbucks Reserve Pantheon Blend. This beloved blend was first introduced in January 2015 to celebrate the Roastery’s opening and returns now for the third time. Available while supplies last, Starbucks Reserve Pantheon Blend No. III remains faithful to the original vision of sharing Starbucks passion for roasting and blending, while offering an exclusive taste.

This blend is composed of three Starbucks Reserve small-lot coffees roasted on-site at the Roastery: Nicaragua El Suyatal, Guatemala Flor del Rosario and Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Farm. The Nicaraguan beans lend hazelnut nuances, while the Guatemalan lot brings cocoa notes and a smooth mouthfeel. The Ethiopian coffee completes the blend with delicate flavors of red currant.

“This year’s blend is exceptional,” says Leslie Wolford, senior coffee specialist at Starbucks. “Pantheon Blend delivers a cup that is balanced, rich, complex and celebrates our love of coffee.”

Starting January 9 for a limited time, Roastery customers can also try a deconstructed Pantheon Blend No. III flight, which includes 8 ounces of the blend alongside 8 ounces each of the three component coffees. Experiencing these coffees separately will help demonstrate how the different flavors come together to create such a perfect blend.

Nicaragua El SuyatalPan

Coffee grown in El Suyatal thrives high up in the perfectly temperate mountains of northern Nicaragua. This lot is a shining example of the kinds of exquisite, award-winning coffees that owner Emilio Valladarez and his two sons produce that continue to garner global attention.

Guatemala Flor del Rosario

A second Latin American coffee in Pantheon Blend adds floral aromas, toffee notes and a creamy chocolate mouthfeel from the lush rainforests of Cobán in Guatemala.

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Farm

This African coffee, grown in the Oromia region of southern Ethiopia, features jasmine aromas with lemon zest and a hint of brown nougat.

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