Starrdesign, the design and architecture firm behind Pronto by Giada, Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, Original ChopShop, and more, has begun redesigning and further developing the Twisted Root and Truck Yard brands with Dallas-based Brain Storm Shelter Restaurants.

Twisted Root Burger Company is a come-as-you-are, Texas original. It was founded in 2006 as one of the first “better burger concepts” and now boasts 17 locations. As the team looks to expand nationally through a solid franchise plan, Twisted Root is again innovating the fast-casual restaurant segment with a refined brand, new look and optimized operational focus on giving the guest the experience of eating and drinking in their favorite neighborhood bar & grill.  The environment focuses on the expanded bar and the expo kitchen showcasing the brand’s top-quality, cooked to order burgers, served in a relaxed bar / beer hall atmosphere.  The décor continues to emphasize these key brand attributes while adding a layer of healthy, irreverent humor. 

Founder Jason Boso is working with the starrdesign firm to prepare the brand to scale through a franchise offering and is set to open its first new franchise location in Florida.

“I wanted to ‘plus one’ my existing atmosphere at the Twisted Root and was looking for a team who could put the framework around what I wanted to create in a very concise and professional way,” Boso says. “The goal is to develop something that I can hand off to franchisees.”

Boso said he liked what the starrdesign team was doing so much that he asked them to get involved in Truck Yard, the other side of the business. 

While Twisted Root still fits in with the fast-casual burger concept, Boso’s Truck Yard is so unique that there isn’t even a category for it (yet!).  The 5-year-old concept might best be described as a relaxed, adult playground.  The concept centers around a large indoor bar, at least one permanent food venue, multiple outdoor bars and two-to-four food trucks. These focus around a dynamic, outdoor lawn or ‘yard’ with stages, games and other unique activities that foster genuine connection and community between guests. Locations can be found in Dallas and Houston, with a third Texas location scheduled to open this summer in The Colony. Truck Yard aims to evoke a one-of-a-kind environment that is warm and inviting.

Starrdesign’s enhancements will reflect the concept’s focus on entertainment and enjoying time spent with family and friends. Rotating food trucks provide a variety of dining options, while the brews and bar give guests a chance to relax and unwind.

“With so much added competition in the burger space, we are really excited to work with Jason and the Brain Storm Shelter team to continue to help with his passion for continued innovation in evolving the Twisted Root Burger Company. At the same time, we’ve seen a huge rise in entertainment and experience focused food and beverage complexes recently, and we are thrilled to help Jason refine the Truck Yard brand and development process.  The partnership has proven to be a great complement of strengths that both teams are really having fun with,” adds Steve Starr, principal, starrdesign.

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