Forget spending hundreds of dollars on fancy food this Valentine’s Day and get the ultimate celebration of love. This Valentine’s Day, Subway restaurants is partnering with reality TV couple Sean and Catherine Lowe to bring an unexpected twist to Valentine’s Day—and they are doing it for the love of the new Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread.

Subway’s Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread challenges the idea of what a sandwich should be, featuring creamy garlic butter spread that includes real butter, roasted garlic, melted parmesan and shredded mozzarella cheese. Now Subway with Sean and Catherine, a couple whose love story is as unique as the new bread, are giving guests the exclusive opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them in Dallas, Texas, and enjoy delicious food including the new Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread sandwiches. Seats are limited, so make your reservation now at

“Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread sandwiches on Valentine’s Day may seem unconventional, but so is our love story,” says Sean Lowe. “We’ve learned when you stop worrying about the rules, you open yourself up to so many more enjoyable experiences. It’s time to make Valentine’s Day about the things we love and once you try Subway’s new sandwiches you’ll know why we are so excited to include in our plans this year.”

Can’t make it to the Ultimate Valentine’s Day experience? Subway has you covered. Head to your local Subway or order online to try the sandwiches before February 28.

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