Industry News | June 25, 2009

Steak Escape Adds New Steak Burger

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Columbus, Ohio-based Steak Escape has announced a new addition to their menu that will be featured through August 30. The Steak Burger Mignon combines Steak Escape’s signature Steak Burger, with bacon, A1 Steak Sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and white American cheese.

“The Steak Burger Mignon was a natural menu addition for us to offer,” says Dave Smith, vice president of operations for Steak Escape. “We’ve offered the Cheesesteak Mignon on several occasions, each for a limited time, and found that every time it would draw in new customers and appealed to existing customers. This was a way to build on the success of our Steak Burger trilogy, which we introduced earlier this year, using ingredients we already knew our customers enjoyed.”