Steele Brands, a Minnesota-based company developing healthy lifestyle brands, today announced the rollout of its third fast-casual restaurant brand, PACO & LIME. Steele Brands’ newest franchise is a Mexican kitchen designed to be a community oasis that sparks well-being.

The first PACO & LIME restaurant will open in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis in December. The store will be located next to Steele Brands’ STALK & SPADE restaurant in the Duffey building at 528 N. Washington Ave. Two additional Minnesota restaurants will open in Maple Grove and Wayzata in early 2023. Originally slated for a different parcel on Lake Street, the Wayzata location will now be located less than a block away at 810 E Lake Street. The relocation offers improved parking and visibility as well as an expansive patio space for guests to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. PACO & LIME franchise rights for the Minneapolis metropolitan market along with two states sold out before the curated menu was completed and the concept store was built, which was likely the first time this has been done in U.S. history.

“I’ve made no secret of my desire to go directly after the incumbent players that we all know well,” says Steele Brands founder and CEO, Steele Smiley. “Our team is driven by the opportunity to innovate beyond the core offerings that established brands have been serving for more than 20 years with very little change. I think customers will be excited by the innovative, healthier and made-from-scratch menu options that PACO & LIME is bringing to the Latin fast-casual dining experience.”

PACO & LIME’s menu features traditional Mexican methods and authentic flavors delivered in locations designed to be vibrant, lively and refreshing. Menu development is being led by Steele Brands Chief Culinary Officer and Executive Chef Bill Fairbanks, who has extensive experience with Latin cuisine, formerly creating menus for several full-service restaurants across the Twin Cities. The PACO & LIME menu will include tacos, bowls, burritos, frozen margaritas and more.

“I am not aware of any restaurant franchise, or any franchise for that matter, that sold all rights to three key markets before a concept store was built or a menu was available for tasting,” Smiley said. “Steele Brands franchisees who have experienced great success with our CRISP & GREEN brand are quickly buying rights to establish PACO & LIME restaurants in their neighborhoods.”

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