Stetson Solutions has introduced the Ice Cream Elevator as an improvement to an industry that the brand says has not seen significant change in more than 20 years. The Elevator is a first-of-its-kind ice cream insert to improve product turnover, presentation, and overall quality of ice cream offerings.

When an ice cream bucket is less than one-third full, customers can start to question the product’s freshness. The Ice Cream Elevator is designed to counteract that problem. The insert ensures that buckets always appear about half-full, improving product turnover and minimizing bottom-of-the-bucket waste. Along with faster turnover, the Ice Cream Elevator will improve the overall visual appeal by reducing the look of empty buckets in your stores.

As an additional benefit, employees scooping ice cream will no longer have to reach deep into dwindling buckets, which is not only difficult, but can also be unsanitary if an employees forearm comes in contact with either the product or the side of the bucket.

Instead of turning to the standbys of pinting or partialing to get rid of those last couple of scoops, Stetson is presenting a solution that requires less effort, improves sanitation, and both literally and figuratively elevates the look of your product as the customer moves down the line.





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