Stranded Motorists Fed By Toppers Pizza

    Industry News | February 7, 2008
    Toppers Pizza of Whitewater and Madison, WI each prepared 35 pizzas to feed some of the 800-plus motorists on I39 & I90 who were stranded for over 12 hours in last night's winter storm.

    Pizzas were delivered to the Rock & Dane county command posts in Stoughton and Newville, Wisconsin. Pizzas and water were delivered to the stranded motorists by fire fighters, police, and volunteers on snowmobiles and ATVs from around 11pm until around 1am.

    "We just wanted to help those people; they had to be starving sitting in out there all that time. Our drivers deliver in bad weather all the time. We felt like we should be able to figure out a way to get some food out there. We felt bringing food was the least we could do." says Scott Gittrich, owner of the Madison and Whitewater Toppers Pizza stores.

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