At this point, you’ve probably heard of the concept of self-pour beer, a modern twist to beverage dispensing. This innovation just became available at Stumpy’s Hatchet House, an axe throwing venue in Irving, Texas, with a myriad of drink options.

Located in the heart of the Toyota Music Factory Pavilion, Stumpy’s offers a unique value proposition for customers wanting to try something new and fun. But axe throwing isn’t its only unique source of revenue. Deciding to move with the times, they are embracing a new and innovative method of dispensing beverages with self-pour technology. This represents a new source of income for their business model, and also a fun addition for customers of Stumpy’s.

At Stumpy’s in Irving, you can simply walk up to the check-in area to get your PourMyBeer RFID card, which will give you access to their 20 self-pour taps. From these, everyone can sample drinks, and pour exactly as much as they want by the ounce. Stumpy’s will be primarily partnering with local breweries and wineries for their self-pour tap selection, so the tastes you get there are as genuine and local as the people.

Stumpy’s is a great place to unleash your inner marksman. With a 7500 square-foot throwing space, customers can enjoy some axe-throwing fun solo or with a group of friends. One hour reservations are $25 dollars and accommodate 1-4 people, and 2 hour reservations are $40, accommodating 5 or more. When throwers want to take a break, there is a common area with tables and couches, where snacks and drinks can be ordered. This is where the self-pour setup is placed.

Stumpy’s is a frequent destination for holiday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, and casual get-togethers. With a new self-pour beer wall, visitors will have a source of entertainment both in the throwing pit and out of it.