Sub Zero Ice Cream, the nation’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream franchise, plans to significantly expand its presence in the Lone Star State over the next 10 years, with the goal of opening at least 75 new franchised locations in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. The brand is currently seeking qualified franchisees to bring the concept to these metro markets and surrounding areas.

Sub Zero area developer Ally Lakhpaty, CPA, has identified Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston for franchise expansion due to the brand’s 10 successful stores across the state, including six in Houston. In fact, three of the current Texas stores consistently rank among the top-performing stores in the system. Additional factors for development include the growth of the metropolitan population, strong economic activity, availability of prime real estate and an overall friendly environment for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

“We are the largest supplier of liquid nitrogen ice cream in Texas and residents have come to know and love Sub Zero for our ultra-smooth, custom-made product,” says Lakhpaty. “I look forward to spreading that brand recognition and excitement across the entire state, as we’re currently looking for people who are eager and ready to get started with our unique brand. We have a lot of the legwork done for new franchisees in terms of distribution and a liquid nitrogen supplier.”

Sub Zero is a science spectacle when it comes to serving made-to-order -321 degree liquid nitrogen treats that are completely customizable and cater to a range of dietary needs. Sub Zero offers seven cream bases, including lactose free, vegan and sugar-free options. After selecting a base, guests can choose from more than 40 different flavors and then mix in a variety of fruit, candy, nuts or baked goods, for limitless combinations. Sub Zero also offers Italian ice, ice cream pies, shakes and smoothies all created using liquid nitrogen.

Since each customized order is quickly frozen using a unique patented process, guests won’t find freezers at Sub Zero. The flash freezing ensures ice crystals remain minuscule, resulting in an ultra-smooth and creamy product. With a customizable product, frozen on the spot, Sub Zero also offers multiple revenue streams through catering, education and other mobile events.

Sub Zero currently has more than 50 domestic stores, as well as locations in China and the United Arab Emirates. The company plans to open 50 additional stores over the next 18 months.

The company is seeking franchise partners to develop locations across the U.S. The total initial investment for a Sub Zero ranges from $176,000 to $293,000.

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